About us

With over  230 employees we produce on modern facilities up
to 5000t high and medium voltage porcelain a year.

Company profile

Continuing more than 130 years long tradition the UHV and HV insulators are produced in the EKS plant.

  • Long rod isolators with bending strength up to 530 kN and voltage levels up to 550 kV based on IEC 60383 and IEC 60433.
  • Solid core post Insulators and torsion rods, single and multiple parts up to voltage levels of 800 kV and heights up to 8 meters based on IEC 60273, IEC 60168, ANSI C29.9, DIN 48120 and others.
  • Hollows insulators: cylindrical, conical, bulbous, one-piece up to a length 2.700mm; multiply pieces glued up to the length 11.000mm and voltage levels 1100kV auf Basic IEC 62155.
  • RTV silicone coating service of porcelain insulators improving their pollution performance, service provided both in-house and on-site.
  • extending product portfolio with eFilters.

Since May 1993, Elektrokeramik Sonneberg has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and since 2015 an energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001has been maintained.

Company history:

PPC EKS: The Insulation Solutions provider since 1887


Ceramic Production launched, Vereinigte Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabrik Heubach

1906 - 1912

Marseille Co. in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz

1912 - 1945

Vereinigte Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabriken Marseille, Heubach, Hering

1913 - 1945

Siemens Schuckert-Werke AG in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz


Vereinigte Porzellanfabrik Köppelsdorf & Porzellanwerk Neuhaus-Schierschnitz


Launch of Neues Keramisches Werk Föritz


Part of the Treuhand, federal holding company


EKS was included in the TRIDELTA GmbH


EKS became a member of the CERAM Group


Insulator division of CERAM Group combined with Porcelain Products Co. (USA) to form PPC Insulators


PPC has been acquired by Seves S.p.A.


SEVES has been acquired by TRITON


PPC EKS invested in XXL Extruder and started producing Ø 1,100 m hollow insulators


The product portfolio of EKS consist of following main porcelain insulators product groups:

  • Hollows Insulators – cylindrical, conical, glued bulbous or multi-part
  • Long rod insulators for medium and high voltage power lines
  • Post Insulators and associated Torsion rods insulators
  • Catenary insulators for electric railways
  • Special Insulators according to customer requirement with metallization
  • RTV silicone coating service
  • extending product portfolio with eFilters

All EKS Porcelain insulators are produced with leading wet process technology, allowing more control over the process and product as well as more flexible forms and designs.

Full product portfolio

See the complete PPC Insulators Group product portfolio  with products details and their parameters on the global PPC Insulators website.

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